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You wonder what you can actively do for the health of your feet? In fact, there is a lot! Even the fact that you ask yourself this question is already a decisive step in the right direction. Most people are only interested in their feet when they report in the form of complaints. As long as they carry us without complaining, we pay little attention to them. The fifteen-year work with feet has clearly confirmed that active and trained feet are hardly prone to complaints. Many of the most common foot problems have their origin in a weakening of the stabilizing foot and lower musculature. This weakening is mainly due to the long-term, one-sided and permanent use of closed shoes on hard floors and the increasing inactivity. So start to help the anatomical miracle foot with a little attention, to transport you for many years healthy and trouble-free. Whether you are purely prophylactically motivated or want to continue after painful experiences with self-help, with the purchase of this guide you go a decisive step, the fate of your feet actively in the hand.

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