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  • Heel pain

    Heel pain?

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The Autor

The Swiss Patrick Hofer (1966) is known for his goal-oriented problem-solving approaches. His ability to perceive the human body as a whole and to advise and treat every patient individually makes him an outstanding specialist. The ability of the trained orthopedic technician Patrick Hofer to explain facts in a comprehensible and intuitive way also distinguishes his competence.

With his other books “Heel pain" (March 2015) and "Bunion & Co., forefoot problems” (September 2015), he provides more detailed information and solutions for these special foot problems. With his "Quick Guide: Healthy Feet" (January 2016), he provides a first-class, color-illustrated tool to effectively improve foot health with effective measures and simple exercises. Through his understandable language and practical approach, his books concerned both laymen as well as professionals are important tools in the understanding of the feet.

In 2017 all his books are also published in English.